What do ESQuery Reports show you and why is it crucial to verify your lawyer's record? ESQuery provides the critical information you need to know about your lawyer's history and record of wins and losses-so you don't become the next victim of a lawyer with a losing or BAD RECORD!

  • LAWYER "BACKGROUND CHECK". ESQuery and our team of skilled researchers will verify your lawyer's background history.
  • "WIN/LOSS" RECORD. If you are misinformed or unaware of your lawyer's Win/Loss Record, you might be surprised when you end up with a bad result, or even worse, you lose your case! Verify if your lawyer has a winning or losing record, or no record at all, before it's too late!
  • "ESQuery Alert". If your lawyer has no history of wins or no record at all, then ESQuery will send you an "ESQuery Alert". Once you receive your "ESQuery Alert" or ESQuery Reports, you may want to meet with your lawyer to discuss the ESQuery Report so that you can understand how this may effect you and your case.
  • LAWYER RATINGS. Consider that lawyer ratings often lack important facts and the lawyer's record of wins and losses. Lawyer ratings are frequently subjective in nature, hard to prove and can be sometimes be misleading. Some of the same websites which promote lawyers and provide lawyer ratings, then accept money from lawyers for advertising could be considered biased! This practice seems harmless to the casual observer and some ratings sites do not do this, but it's not always easy, for you, the consumer to know. ESQuery does not provide lawyer ratings and does not accept money from lawyers for advertising. ESQuery is not owned by lawyers, does not recommend or refer you to lawyers, nor do we provide any form of legal advice.
  • Some may recommend a lawyer, offer advice and might even have an agenda. But many lack the expertise, knowledge and information that is necessary to verify a lawyer's record.
  • Failure to verify your lawyer's record, then making an uninformed decision by choosing the wrong lawyer-might put you, your family, your children, your home, your assets and more, at risk! A decision not to verify your lawyer and losing your case could be life-altering.
  • Trust your lawyer to advise you on your legal matters-but FIRST, verify your lawyer with ESQuery, then decide for yourself, based on the facts if the lawyer is right for you!